These are some of the more frequently asked questions. There are also a few extra tips further down. If there's something that you want specific help with, please get in touch.
  • Can I complete the courses in any order I like?


  • If I’ve entered the Multisport category do I have to do all three courses?

No.  If you prefer you can just do one or two of the courses.  You can treat it as a duathlon or you can run, kayak or bike only.

  • Can I change the order that I’m doing the courses during the event?

Yes.  You can do whatever course you like, in whatever order you like, at any time.  If you’re struggling with one particular discipline and want to start leaving it out, you can.  

  • Is it worth heading out for one last lap if I don’t have time to complete it before the 8-hour time limit?

Laps only count if they are completed before the 8-hour time limit.  If it’s taking you 30 minutes to complete a lap and there is only 15 minutes remaining on the clock, there is nothing to be gained by heading out for another lap.

  • Isn’t it unfair on some competitors if one of the courses is faster than the others?

We have put a lot of time and effort into ensuring that the three courses are equitable and we have the ability to adjust the courses based on average times during the day if we deem it necessary.  There will be no advantage to focusing on one course over another, other than playing to your own strengths.

Some other useful tips

Arrive at the transition area with plenty of time to set up your zone before race briefing.

Te Anau in March can be hot, or it can be cold.  Prepare for both.

Multisporters; play to your strengths.  If you are weak at one discipline and particularly strong at others then treat the event as a duathlon.   

If weather conditions change we have the ability to alter the courses to keep the lap completion times stable relative to one-another.  We will keep a close watch on weather conditions and lap times to ensure that the race remains fair for all competitors.

The mountain bike course has plenty of technical riding but is not particularly rough.  A hardtail (front suspension only) bike is perfectly adequate.  The course can also be ridden on a cyclocross bike.