The following rules must be adhered to by all participants as applicable to their category:



  1. The winner is the competitor or team which completes the most laps before the 8-hour, 6-hour, or 4-hour time limit.  If two competitors/teams complete the same number of laps, the winner will be the competitor/team which is first to come through the timing chute on completion of the final lap.

  2. One point is awarded each time a lap of any discipline is completed.

  3. Competitors/teams are able to complete any number of any lap they wish.  

  4. On completion of each lap:

      1. Kayak: Buoyancy vest must be worn through timing chute and paddle must be carried by the competitor that did the kayak lap. Air bags must be used in kayaks.

      2. Bike: Cycle helmet must be worn and bike wheeled through timing chute

      3. Run: Running gear only through timing chute

  5. All competitors must display their Race Number at all times during their lap.  

  6. Timing Transponders must be worn throughout the duration of each lap.  For teams, this must be transferred from one team member to another in front of their zone within the transition area.  

  7. Failure to not wear the timing transponder will result in no points allocated for the completion of the lap.

  8. Registered competitors only can complete a lap (registered individuals or registered team members only).   

  9. All equipment must be left at a competitor/team’s designated area within the transition zone when not in use. (with exception of the kayak which will be stored in the designated area on the lake front)

  10. Competitors are to follow the marked course at all times.  Any deviation or short-cuts will attract disqualification for that competitor and their team.

  11. Competitors must return through the timing chute and transition area between each lap

  12. Roads are open and all competitors must adhere to the NZ road rules and regulations. We have a 3 strike policy. If you fail to listen to course officials at road crossings and are given 3 official warnings a 10 minute time penalty will be added to your overall time.

  13. Any competitor caught crossing the centerline on the mountain bike stage outside of the designated crossing points will be disqualified.


Mountain Bike


  1. Bikes must be in good condition and well maintained with good tyres and brakes.

  2. Cycle helmets must be NZ Standards approved and worn at all times while on course

  3. Race numbers must be displayed on the front of the mountain bike

  4. E-Bikes are not permitted.





 1. Compulsory Equipment for the kayak leg include:

  • Kayak

  • NZ Standards approved PFD

  • Paddle

  • Floatation / Airbags


2. Buoyancy vests must be worn at all times during each lap of the kayak course.  Spray skirts are optional, and recommended if there is wind and waves.  Spray skirts should not be worn however if the kayaker has never received instruction on correct use of the skirt and exiting of the kayak.

3. Kayaks must be lifted out of the water upon landing and placed in the designated area in front of the kayak course

4.Kayaks must be in sea-worthy condition and capable of being handled by the competitor in windy conditions